#TBT: The world’s most famous bodyguard

What a handsome guy!
Say hello to the original hot bodyguard, HBG.

Within the last week, four different friends told me about Jennifer Lawrence’s new bodyguard and media outlets were having a field day over his good looks. Sure, he’s really hot, but he’s not THE hot bodyguard. That title remains with one man.

Let me take you back…back to the fall of 2010, when a couple of friends and I decided to start a completely silly little Facebook page about a celebrity bodyguard, which ultimately got me a job, got us (and him) a little bit of media attention, and prompted fans around the world to refer to him as the hot bodyguard, or HBG for short.

So we Twilight fans ran into JB–Kristen Stewart’s bodyguard at the time–by coincidence, thought it would be a good idea to create a Facebook page dedicated to him and, thus HBG was born! This poor man had no idea what was coming (and neither did we, to be quite honest).421109_416987491700018_1410039236_n

With just over 100 Facebook fans, we did the ultimate fangirl thing and camped out for the Breaking Dawn premiere in LA. We made our own little iron-on T-shirts and prepared ourselves for whatever sort of reaction we may get, though we never expected to get as much attention as we did. Members of the Summit Entertainment team came up to us to say they loved our page and a ton of media outlets were intrigued with the idea and came by for a chat.

By the following year and final Twilight Saga premiere, we grew to nearly 5,000 fans, I got a new job thanks to my social media marketing experience with Team HBG and convinced my company to sponsor us, Kristen had mentioned our page in the UK version of GQ Magazine and on a segment for MTV, and HBG himself requested his own Team HBG T-shirts (paid for by our sponsorship, thank you very much!).

That’s right, HBG has his own shirt, too.

While the hype has died down now and HBG has taken on more high profile clients (though he still works with Kristen on occasion), it was an experience I’ll certainly never forget. And more than that, it’s a lesson on embracing the weird and taking chances on even the craziest of ideas, because quite frankly, you never know what it’ll get you. There are plenty of people out there who probably think this is the strangest thing, but you know what? It worked!

And on that note, should PopSugar or some other celebrity site point out another hot bodyguard, just remember there’s only one original. 😉


A special thanks to JB, who didn’t ask for it but has been such a great sport about the whole thing. (He also unknowingly got me a job, so thanks for that, too!)