Twitter, you’re so rude and nosy but I don’t mind

I joined Twitter years ago, and I’ll admit, I didn’t understand it. Didn’t really get the hashtag thing. (Ironically, now I work in social media marketing. #sorrynotsorry) I was only ever active during live events worth hate live tweeting. So my account just sort of sat around and came to life on occasion, that is until maybe 3 or so months ago. And it was finally then that I started to realize how rude and nosy this platform is, in a mostly good way once I forget my manners.

giphy (3)


Twitter works best if you’ve got your own niche, something you want to actively comment on and engage others with. For me, it’s fangirl-related things (of course). But the funny thing is that in order to use Twitter to its full capacity, I must do many things against my own nature…

  • Stalk people – It’s kind of like lurking in the shadows, listening to strangers’ conversations. No biggie. Hey, while you’re at it, set notifications so you never miss another tweet from the most stalk-worthy of accounts…
  • Eavesdrop on conversations… – While you’re stalking, you see someone make a comment that is out of context. No problem, let’s click on it and read the ENTIRE CONVERSATION that you’re not included on.
  • …And then butt in – No, it’s not rude. Well, I don’t think. Hell, I don’t know. It feels rude. My inner polite police cringes at the thought of inserting my 2 cents into a convo already happening between strangers, but then I do anyway. (Let’s hope this doesn’t translate into real life situations.)
  • Get included in the Twitter version of a group email – And everyone does the Twitter version of a reply all, but all you can think every time there’s a new mention is “WHEN WILL IT END?”

But then suddenly, you’re interacting and making friends with strangers from around the world who have the same interests as you. You can enter a gif war with your Twitter friends that never ends. Thanks to Twitter, some of your favorite people are just 140 characters away. And sometimes, when you least expect it, they reply or favorite you. You geek out so much over something so simple and then maybe, juuuust maybe, screenshot it to save for later…

I nerded out over this. I really did.

Oh, and wine tweets! There’s always room for wine tweets.

Come join ww&n on Twitter and let’s be rude and nosy together.