Lyns Abroad in London: “Can you manage?”

On the early morning of Saturday, October 31, 2015, I touched down at Heathrow airport just a week after having been in London for a week of work. This time, however, as the customs agent asked why I was visiting the United Kingdom, I told her with a grin that I was there to celebrate my 30th birthday. (It’s my secret mission to make serious folks like customs agents smile, and mission accomplished.)

The amount of time and effort to actually leave the airport after an international flight is long and tiresome, but once I got a hold of my checked bag, I was off towards the train to central London. By the time I reached Paddington Station, I was desperate for a cab to get me to my hotel and for someone to take my heavy bags away from me. I walked up to the taxi, lean in towards the window to let him know where I was going and hesitate, expecting him to get out and help me with my bags. At that point, the elderly driver, who had not moved an inch, says:

“Can you manage?”

Oh. Well. Yes, yes I could.

And so I did.

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Tea to wine ratio: The tea is winning

My title seems like a bit of a betrayal, doesn’t it? Well, send a proud Anglophile to London and wine o’clock turns to tea time…

Remember that inspirational post I wrote months ago where I decided to book my 30th birthday trip to London? Oh, that’s about to happen, but before we could reach my epic birthday journey, work sent me to London a tad bit earlier–2 weeks earlier to be exact. And so I had a test run of sorts and a cuppa tea has become my new best friend.

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Let the 30th birthday planning begin! First stop: London.

This morning I drove to a Starbucks so that I could escape the house and put myself to work on this little blog I’ve got going on here. The last few weeks have been full of many hours of overtime and very little me time. Figured I needed to rectify that…

So I stroll into the Starbucks, order my grande cold brew (sweetened with 2% milk should you ever want to be generous…), sit down with my laptop aaaaand…

…two hours later all I’ve done is gleefully search for flights to London, create a little budget spreadsheet, scan Twitter because ADD, and somewhat daydream about celebrating my 30th birthday in one of my favorite parts of the world.

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