Welcome to the Wine Ghetto

I’ve been to California several times–five times in fact. And only during this last trip did I have the chance to go check out California wine country. Took me long enough…

For an East Coast girl, visiting the West Coast, particularly California is slightly like visiting another country.

Let me explain.

Of course we’re all Americans–it’s nothing like that (though Cali does have it’s own unique vibe). But when you come from a coast that is made of many states, including the 13 original colonies, and then go to the other side, where it’s 3 states that take up the whole of the other coast, you don’t realize how far away things can be, even within the same state.

So while I was recently out in LA visiting my friend Melissa, we decided to take advantage of the great weather on Saturday and road trip it north. Originally that plan included Big Sur, with its epic views of the coast. Me with my east coast mindset and Melissa not being a Cali native both thought this was a good idea…until we realized what we thought was a fairly quick road trip was actually going to take us about 6 hours one way. Ha! Time for Plan B…

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