Let the 30th birthday planning begin! First stop: London.

This morning I drove to a Starbucks so that I could escape the house and put myself to work on this little blog I’ve got going on here. The last few weeks have been full of many hours of overtime and very little me time. Figured I needed to rectify that…

So I stroll into the Starbucks, order my grande cold brew (sweetened with 2% milk should you ever want to be generous…), sit down with my laptop aaaaand…

…two hours later all I’ve done is gleefully search for flights to London, create a little budget spreadsheet, scan Twitter because ADD, and somewhat daydream about celebrating my 30th birthday in one of my favorite parts of the world.

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When you’re a bridesmaid at a dry wedding, you take measures into your own hands

Let me start by saying this wedding was for my one and only sibling–my little brother.  It was a great day full of friends, family, and lots of love (plus some tears).  I’m proud of him and I know he and his new bride are very happy…

…I also know he tried to make it so there was alcohol at the reception, but that didn’t work out so here’s where my little story fits in.

This story begins and ends with a glass (or 2) of red wine.  (Yes, I’m finishing the wedding contraband as I type this.)

I’ve been to my share of weddings. In fact, this particular wedding was the 6th one in which I was a bridesmaid (number 7 happens next year). Most of those weddings were overflowing with an assortment of beverages, but there’s always the odd wedding that doesn’t, for whatever reason.  And no, I don’t think you need alcohol to have a good time. Anyone who knows me knows this. However, let’s all be honest here, it never hurts to have a little [insert your favorite alcoholic beverage here]. (It also helps to get people out on the dance floor. The Electric Slide is wayyy better after a glass or 2.)

So when my brother broke the news to my mom, who broke the news to me that there would be no alcohol served at the wedding, it was time for Plan B, or in our case, Plan V (for vino, of course).

Me and my contraband. (Photograph taken by my accomplice, aka Mom)
Me and my contraband. (Photograph taken by my accomplice, aka Mom)

Friends asked me what my game plan was, and it was simple: Get a favorite red wine of mine (so I didn’t have to worry about keeping it cold) and sneak it into the reception. I did contemplate more stealthy methods of executing Plan V including but not limited to a wine bra (not working with a strapless dress, but check them out on Amazon!), a flask (with the option of going prohibition-style with a guarder), and the wine that comes in the mini bottles (not available for my favorite wine). While the bra and guarder options would’ve made for a great story, they didn’t work for my purposes.

So I decided on the simplest form of sneaking my wine in–stick it in a bag and hide it under the table.

Did I mention I had an accomplice? That would be my Mom. She also brought her own bottle in a similar style. Mom dashed off to the dark, empty bar to crack open her wine and add ice (and this is why I chose red instead of white). I, on the other hand, chose to set up shop at the table, crouched down with my Trader Joe’s wine opener and empty cup in hand.

We also brought a few family members to the dark side. When I went to ask one of my aunts if she’d like to partake in a little vino, her response–in a very sassy tone–was, “Is it Saturday?” and actually, yes it was, so I said so. My aunt replied with “Well, okay then.”

And so the bridesmaid turned into a bartender and off I went to the sad, lonely bar with my 2 bottles of wine, pouring a few extra glasses on the sly as if I could be busted at any moment.

Truth be told, I don’t really think anyone cared–or was I just THAT good?

Either way, I was completely ready for the Cha-Cha Slide, The Electric Slide, The Wobble, AND The Cupid Shuffle (which, by the way, I had been calling The Cuban Shuffle for way to long with no one correcting me). Completely makes sense that it wasn’t actually The Cuban Shuffle–I had always wondered what was so Cuban about it.


So, kids, the moral of this story is that if you’re invited to a dry wedding and want to sneak wine in, first, be aware of your options in how to do it (someone please get that wine bra and try it out!), and, second, as long as you’re somewhat discreet, most people aren’t even going to notice. Also, make sure your sassy aunt gets a glass.

And, finally, if you’re a family member/member of the bridal party, you can kind of do what you want anyway, right?

A toast to my little apartment

Thought a little wine might help me pack.
Thought a little wine might help me pack.

It’s less than 3 days until I move out of my little 1 bedroom apartment. I should be packing as I write this, but wanted to take a moment to raise my wine glass in a toast to Apt 825.

Here’s to…

…the first apartment I’ve ever lived in by myself–and the most expensive. To being able to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted without worrying about bothering a roommate. To Netflix and book series binges while hiding away in my little nest. To finding some delicious takeout and ordering from the comfort of my couch. To a year of ups and downs, and still figuring things out. To way too many online dates. To laughter and tears in the privacy of my little home…

And now? Now it’s time to save a little money and stay with friends for a bit. I turn 30 at the end of this year and want to make some big things happen. Even I don’t know exactly what that’ll be yet, but saving money for this next adventure is definitely the first step.

P.S. Packing is way more fun with wine. 😉

Tonight’s drink of choice: The Stump Jump red wine blend (Grenache, Shiraz, and Mourvèdre). Cheers!

Wine not?

Is it wrong that...
Did I mention I’m a bridesmaid?

All etiquette aside, the idea of a completely dry wedding reception isn’t ideal. Desperate times call for desperate measures! More on this experience coming soon!  (Yes, this is really going to happen…)

Calling all American Cumberbitches: Get SHERLOCKED in 2016

I had a pleasant surprise for it being a Monday, and then I nerded out a little.

An email arrived from The Official Sherlock Convention. (For those who may not know, the first ever convention for BBC’s Sherlock was held in London this past April.)  At first, I was like “Come on, stop bragging about how amazing the convention was.” However, there was a line that changed my tune:

It’s true, in the VERY NEAR future we will be announcing not one, but two dates for 2016 and one of those dates will be in America!

Prepare to be SHERLOCKED!

Prepare, indeed!

Image courtesy of The Official Sherlock Convention

Now for those who may need a refresher on Sherlock, allow me to remind you.  It is a BBC production staring my man Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson.  So far, there have been 3 seasons, chalk full of crime and mystery.  It’s a unique series with each season having 3 movie-length episodes, and while it tackles the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it definitely has a modern twist, plus some fun shots of one of my favorite cities in the world: London.

If the 2016 conventions are anything like the first, there will be opportunities to see many of the show’s actors in person, participating in Q&As and–most importantly–being available for autographs and photos (for a price, of course…but then again, can you really put a price on a photo with Mr. Cumberbatch? I think not!).

In light of this news, I’m raising my wine glass to toast my fellow Cumberbitches as we sit and wait for more information on such an amazingly nerdy experience. 2016 is still a ways out, but time does fly. Stay tuned!

Twitter, you’re so rude and nosy but I don’t mind

I joined Twitter years ago, and I’ll admit, I didn’t understand it. Didn’t really get the hashtag thing. (Ironically, now I work in social media marketing. #sorrynotsorry) I was only ever active during live events worth hate live tweeting. So my account just sort of sat around and came to life on occasion, that is until maybe 3 or so months ago. And it was finally then that I started to realize how rude and nosy this platform is, in a mostly good way once I forget my manners.

giphy (3)


Twitter works best if you’ve got your own niche, something you want to actively comment on and engage others with. For me, it’s fangirl-related things (of course). But the funny thing is that in order to use Twitter to its full capacity, I must do many things against my own nature…

  • Stalk people – It’s kind of like lurking in the shadows, listening to strangers’ conversations. No biggie. Hey, while you’re at it, set notifications so you never miss another tweet from the most stalk-worthy of accounts…
  • Eavesdrop on conversations… – While you’re stalking, you see someone make a comment that is out of context. No problem, let’s click on it and read the ENTIRE CONVERSATION that you’re not included on.
  • …And then butt in – No, it’s not rude. Well, I don’t think. Hell, I don’t know. It feels rude. My inner polite police cringes at the thought of inserting my 2 cents into a convo already happening between strangers, but then I do anyway. (Let’s hope this doesn’t translate into real life situations.)
  • Get included in the Twitter version of a group email – And everyone does the Twitter version of a reply all, but all you can think every time there’s a new mention is “WHEN WILL IT END?”

But then suddenly, you’re interacting and making friends with strangers from around the world who have the same interests as you. You can enter a gif war with your Twitter friends that never ends. Thanks to Twitter, some of your favorite people are just 140 characters away. And sometimes, when you least expect it, they reply or favorite you. You geek out so much over something so simple and then maybe, juuuust maybe, screenshot it to save for later…

I nerded out over this. I really did.

Oh, and wine tweets! There’s always room for wine tweets.


Come join ww&n on Twitter and let’s be rude and nosy together.

Priorities, right?

Don’t worry, friends. It’s officially Droughtlander now.

Outlander, ALL THE FEELS, & Sam Heughan: Part 2

PART TWO: Sam Heughan, YOU SIR, Deserve an Emmy

Image courtesy of Starz

So as with most of the new episodes, I stayed up, drank wine, and waited until midnight. An hour later, when the credits began to roll, I sat there stunned. What the hell did I just watch?

Well, I’ll tell you what–the most horrific scenes and gut-wrenching performances I have EVER had the pleasure seen in my life. Ever. Every single actor was at the top of his/her game, but folks, I have to single out one man–the same man Diana Gabaldon wrote about the other day, the same one all of us fans have been praising every week….

Sam Heughan, this post is my open letter to you.

I’m sitting here trying to put together the write words to express how much your performance as Jamie Fraser in To Ransom A Man’s Soul affected me. I mean, I’m tearing up here in the cafe I’m sitting in just thinking about it.

In my shocked state at 2 or 3am, I began to just write down words that represented what I was feeling–






Absolutely disturbed.


And never in my life would I have equated those feelings with COMPLETE BRILLIANCE. I prepared myself with wine, tissues, and a pillow.  I didn’t get very far in the wine department because I just couldn’t stomach it. I was in as much pain as a girl can be, sitting on her couch in her pjs, hugging a pillow tight, heart racing. They say that nothing can be worse than your imagination, meaning that what we all read in the book and pictured in our minds would always be worse than what we would see on TV–WRONG. So wrong, and yet so right because my God, man, that was so good, it hurt.

Now, I’m just one of the many, many fans who are crying out #EmmysForOutlander on Twitter, but I hope the Television Academy is listening. There’s no room for consideration here, it’s just a must.

Thanks, Sam. Truly. And thank you to ALL of the cast and crew. You’ve set the bar so very high.



P.S. For those who haven’t seen this episode yet, or even seen this show, please do. I may be considered a bit biased as a major book fan as well, but this is what good writing and good television is and always should be.

Outlander, a lot of feels, a little wine: Part 1

PART ONE: Before the Ugly Crying Finale

I just have to say something about Outlander because this is wine words & nerds after all (emphasis on the last 2 at the moment), and the fact is, I’m a nerd about Outlander. It is by far my absolute favorite story both on the small screen and on paper. So it’s a little bit fitting that my first real post (because let’s face it, the intro doesn’t count) is about this show adapted from one of my all time favorite books. Here in part one, you’re witnessing the calm before the storm. A little bit of fangirling over amazing television and the preparation for what lies in the aftermath of the Season 1 finale.

I’m just a girl, who heard about this “Game of Thrones for Women” TV show set in Scotland, was completely intrigued, and found a way to steal a friend’s Starz account (not really, she knew about it) and binge episodes 1-7. I’m also just a girl, who had been on a reading hiatus FOR YEARS and took the time to turn droughtlander into a book binge fest. (THANK YOU, Diana, for writing so many books over the years. They got me hooked on reading again!)

What is it about this show and book series that has hooked me and countless other fans around the world? This groundbreaking show has brought to life a story that has been breaking ground since the early 90s, and I think what strikes me most about the TV series is just how much care all of those involved have taken to make the best adaptation possible.  It couldn’t be a more perfect storm of brilliance. There is so much talent and mutual respect amongst all those involved AND IT SHOWS. Then take a moment to Google all of the reviews and recent coverage. I don’t know that I’ve seen so much heartfelt praise over a show that has only just completed its first season. And that kind of blows my mind. It isn’t something you see often.

This story is…fearless, progressive, groundbreaking, strong, Emmy-worthy, brave, dark, sexy, beautiful, not perfect but damn near close at times, setting a very high standard in television, the product of so much talent and hard work, loved dearly and most appreciated…  I’m summarizing so much here, but if you’re a fan, you already know all of this, and if you’re not yet a fan, GET TO IT.

Enough words, Sassenachs. It’s time for wine, because THIS finale is going to be the most defining moment for Outlander and perhaps television itself.  It’s something I’ve heard is going to make me weep or ugly cry–well for me, they’re one in the same.  Let’s face it, this episode WILL TEAR MY GUTS OUT (see what I did there?).

Tonight’s Wine: Dearly Beloved – I Thee Red
Wine count (so far):


See you on the other side…

Let’s get this party started!

Hello, hello! And welcome.

I’m Lynsey–a [nearly] 30-something nerdy gal who loves Books, TV, and Film–the stories they hold, authors and screen writers that inspire, the spark of imagination, the many destinations, and everything in between. Oh, and a glass of red wine never hurts either.

In my “third life crisis” I made it my mission to write more.  It started out like this:

OMG, I’m turning 30 this year.

What am I doing with my life?

No, really.

I’m living on my own, have a decent job, dating (unsuccessfully, ugh)…

But I don’t quite remember the last time I was doing something I was super passionate about…

So what’s missing besides Mr. Right?

Well, I hadn’t written in a while and didn’t have a blog.  So there’s a start.  Time to get cracking on this!  Just a short note: This blog is meant to be a writing exercise for me, but I certainly hope others enjoy it as well.  I’m going to start by writing (or rambling) about my thoughts, experiences, obsessions…oh and what’s in my glass.  So let’s get this party started!

Tonight’s drink of choice: Water. (Sorry, long evening building this blog from scratch–needed to concentrate!)

Here’s to many more posts!

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– Lyns