New Year, New Blog Do

Hello there. Lynsey here. It’s still me, just with a new look.

When I first started this 7 months ago, I wasn’t exactly sure of where I wanted it to go. I just knew one thing: I wanted to get writing again.

Since then, I’ve written several pieces about a few different topics. I knew it was a bit of a test run at first (blogging ain’t easy!). I found myself more often than not having a hard time describing just what my blog was about when asked. I loved to write about my thoughts at times. Or about something I was watching. About an event or 2. I wrote a post that featured the extremely handsome Scottish actor Richard Rankin, who caught my eye in a short-lived drama on PBS, and who has since then become the very Outlander character of my dreams. [Insert emoji with the heart eyes here.] Probably the most memorable for me considering that he actually read it and shared it on Twitter.

Moving on…

So I thank those who have subscribed already (talking to you, Mom and Dad!), and I hope you’ll all hang in there with me as I change direction slightly. I needed to get my feet wet with writing again but I feel the need to refocus so here it goes.

What was once “wine words & nerds” is now just called “lynsey is writing” and I’ll be chronicling my journey as a writer–for better or for worse!

(Don’t worry, I’m still drinking wine and nerding out…)

So Happy New Year to you all and here’s to a new year of writing!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog Do

  1. You can never know the special place you have in my heart. We are so proud of the way you follow your dream. We pray daily for blessings for you and that you will get your hearts desire.

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