Downton Abbey: My Season 6 Predictions

Let me set this up for you: I’m sitting here in my Downton Abbey Village Flower Show t-shirt with a glass of red wine. The only way I’d be in a more Downton mood was if I had a cuppa instead of the wine…

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So with the Last Days of Downton upon us, it felt like a good time to take a moment and think about where our favorite characters will end up. (I suppose we can consider these OUR last days of Downton, though the cast and crew seem to have seen their last days and then maybe cried a little–and I fully expect to sob.) A few “soft” spoilers were shared by Vanity Fair recently, and with those in mind, I’d like to share my little Downton wishlist. (Warning: If you’re not caught up through the end of Season 5, you may want to skip the rest of this post.)

The Engagement Announcement

giphy (27)

Will anyone be as excited as I was?? (Image Source)

Thanks to Vanity Fair, we know Anna throws together a wedding dress for Mrs. Hughes so we’re likely to see a ceremony, but do they show them making the engagement announcement to the staff and family? I imagine range of facial expressions from complete disinterest (Barrow all the way), mild shock, and those “I totally called that one” looks.

Edith…Need I say more?

giphy (28)

It’s like she’s cursed! (Image Source)

Someone please tell me Edith finds some sort of happiness in the romance department. She does snag a new suitor, according to Vanity Fair, but will he stay alive and not leave her at the altar?

A baby Bates?

giphy (29)

They may have found love, but the Bates’ haven’t had it easy. (Image Source)

They’ve dealt with rape, murder, false imprisonment, and the pressures of Downstairs life. I’m thinking a baby would make it all a little bit better.

Violet kicks the bucket

giphy (30)

Yes, that’s right, lady. How old could you be at this point anyway? (Source)

Considering that even Maggie Smith commented that Violet should be about 110 by now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the family matriarch has a peaceful, if not snarky, demise.

Mary snags another man who likes to drive fast cars

giphy (31)

It only seems fitting that Mary finds another husband and Edith never does. (Image Source)

Last we left Mary, she was gazing off at a strapping man who only seemed half interested in her, yet peaked her interested despite speeding away in a car eerily similar to Matthew’s death mobile.

Lord Grantham sees sense and accepts change

giphy (32)

And sells all of Downton? Well, probably not. (Image Source)

Apparently Robert does finally admit that change is necessary and characters do downsize in their own ways, but I can’t honestly see that man ever letting the entire estate go. Going down to the kitchen to get his own snacks seems like a big enough deal.

Cora keeps making those faces

giphy (36)

Oh, you know the ones I’m talking about. (Image Source)

The one thing Cora does consistently is make that same face that my mom complains about every time we watch the show together. No matter the changing times, we know that’ll at least stay the same.

Mary and Edith become the best of friends

giphy (33)

Ha! Just kidding. That’ll never happen. (Image Source)

giphy (34)

*Eyeroll* (Image Source)

Me and millions around the world will likely end the series sobbing

 giphy (37)

It’s made grown men cry already. (Image Source)

So grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and a box of tissues. I have no idea how it’ll end, but I know we’ll all need it.

At least there are already talks of a movie…

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