Let the 30th birthday planning begin! First stop: London.

This morning I drove to a Starbucks so that I could escape the house and put myself to work on this little blog I’ve got going on here. The last few weeks have been full of many hours of overtime and very little me time. Figured I needed to rectify that…

So I stroll into the Starbucks, order my grande cold brew (sweetened with 2% milk should you ever want to be generous…), sit down with my laptop aaaaand…

…two hours later all I’ve done is gleefully search for flights to London, create a little budget spreadsheet, scan Twitter because ADD, and somewhat daydream about celebrating my 30th birthday in one of my favorite parts of the world.

I’ve visited London a handful of times. Three times in fact. Once as a summer intern. Once with a couple of my fellow summer interns because we missed it. Once because, well, I won a sweepstakes–yes, that happened and it was awesome.

It’s been a few years since that sweeps win. I’m overdue for a trip to the UK. And, dammit, I’m turning 30!

I’m actually not much on birthday bashes or making a big deal of it. But I do kind of think 30 is a big deal. A party isn’t really my style. I’d much rather treat myself. Have an adventure. Mark the occasion in my own style.

My ideal trip? A few days in London, a few more in Scotland with some Outlander sites along the way (of course). If during that time, I can make some new friends, participate in some whisky tastings, meet a Scotsman or two, only the better!

For anyone who enjoys traveling like I do, you may relate to the fact that the moment of committing to a big trip is the most difficult part. Daydreaming? Oh that’s so easy. Clicking that confirmation button on the non-refundable flight? Now, that requires a check, double check, triple check, and one-eye closed as the button is finally pressed. I’m in between the daydreaming and button-pushing stage. This blog post is my little motivator. Lynsey, you’ve put it in writing and now you must follow through! 

When is the big day you may ask? Not until November 5th. But I’m counting on it sneaking up on me in no time. So planning starts now or never!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

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2 thoughts on “Let the 30th birthday planning begin! First stop: London.”

  1. London really is a beautiful place, I recommend going to the transport museum in Covent Gardens. Im not really into history, but It’s actually really interesting and worth taking a visit. It’s also just a 15min walk away from Buckingham palace. I hope you enjoy your trip!
    All the best.

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